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A Map of My Mind

The human brain is said to be possibly the most complex entity in the universe. And the study of subjective experience is necessarily the study of the most complex workings of the mind-brain. However, subjectivity has been largely expressed through art and literature and has been avoided as a topic by scientists of the mind. Part of this lack derives from the difficulty, even impossibility, of subjecting such material to statistical evaluation. But a more compelling reason is the individual's reluctance to engage in self-revelation. Vincenzo Sanguineti, however, does engage in self-revelation, using his own subjective experiences as sources of data along with case material on patients in the toils of multiple personalities and schizophrenia, Kasparov and Deep Thought, Psyche and Eros.

This web site offers a brief encounter with Dr Sanguineti's life-long work. Afterwards, enjoy Dr. Sanguineti's telling of his personal journey and influences in his work.


The Rosetta Stone to the Human Mind


The study of the brain-mind complex has been hampered by the dichotomy between objective biological neuroscience and subjective psychological science, based on speculative topographic models and psychodynamics formulations. The two antithetical avenues of research, premises, and dynamic hypotheses, have evolved in a polarization of neuroscience. This is partly responsible for the failure to unravel the transformation of neural events into mental images: how matter becomes imagination, and vice versa.


The mysteries of the human mind. Often written about, theorized and analyzed, it remains elusive from completely understanding. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have contributed organized speculation which has served as a fundamental framework for analysts, psychiatrists, philosophers and the great thinkers of our time.  Much work in the present day scientific community focuses on the physiological and neurological structures and interactions of the brain but the mental processes, thought, the inner soul, and the "textures" of the mind remain not fully understood. Dr Vincenzo Sanguineti, MD adds, in his writings, an integrated psychobiological basis of the immense power that underlies our every act and the deep connectedness with nature that lies ever at hand waiting to be accessed.

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