Dreaming the Myth Onwards



"Dreaming the Myth Onwards is a timely and thoughtful collection of essays by a distinguished group of Jungian scholars and analysts. The articles stimulate, provoke, and challenge us to review our cliches about the relation of myth to modernity – a most useful exercise indeed, and terribly relevant to where we are headed in the 21st century." - Murray Stein, Ph.D., author of Jung's Map of the Soul

"This book will come as a revelation to some readers and as a relief to others. As a most remarkable and astonishing array of perspectives and differing styles of thinking, all offered in the name of C. G. Jung… it is about much more than Jungian mythological perspectives. It is also about image, imagination, psychological narrative, and the theory and practice of Jungian analysis… a kaleidoscopic richness of Jungiana!" - David L. Miller, Ph.D. Watson-Ledden Professor, Emeritus, Syracuse University, New York, USA, Core Faculty Member, Retired, Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, USA

"While reading Dreaming the Myth Onwards with great interest, the following sentence in one of Jung's letters came to mind: 'The systematic elaboration of my ideas which were often just thrown out, is a task for those who come after me' (Letter to Jolande Jacobi, 24th September 1948). To be sure, the contributors to this book take such a task very seriously, but they achieve more than this. Inspired by Jung's ideas, they "dream" and also "think" them onwards, and put forward creative ideas about the interpretation of myth and modernity, together with some new readings of Jung's most original theories." - Mario Jacoby, Ph.D., author of Individuation and Narcissism: The Psychology of Self in Jung and Kohut